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Chief Complaint

“I have been told not to return or donate blood and to see a liver specialist.”

History of Present Illness

The patient is a 58-year-old male who was found to be HCV antibody positive after going to a blood bank. Patient was referred to a liver specialist to evaluate and determine if he is a treatment candidate for the HCV infection.

Student Work-Up

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Missing Information?


Patient Database

Drug Therapy Problems

Care Plan (by Problem)


  1. What signs and symptoms of hepatitis C does this patient have?

    Hint: See Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis in PPP

  2. What are the goals of therapy for the treatment of HCV?

    Hint: See Prevention and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis in PPP

  3. What preventative measure can be taken to prevent the spread of hepatitis C and minimize the progression of the liver disease?

    Hint: See Prevention and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis in PPP

  4. What are the adverse effects of hepatitis C therapy you would need to discuss with the patient prior to starting treatment?

    Hint: See Prevention and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis in PPP

  5. Should the patient receive hepatitis C treatment?



The patient started treatment and follow up labs were obtained at week 3 of treatment. What action should be taken at this time?


Global Perspective

Hepatitis C may affect anyone in the world. Many individuals are asymptomatic and do not know they are infected with the HCV. There is a higher prevalence of HCV infections in non-Hispanic blacks compared with non-Hispanic whites. All should be treated for HCV if found to be positive for the infection to reduce the chance of developing advance liver disease that may lead to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. To improve the patient’s rate of sustaining virological response to DAA treatment, it is prudent to encourage patients to be compliant with their medication regimens, and not miss any doses or discontinue the therapy without notifying their health care provider.

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