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Chapter 65. Common Skin Disorders

If the use of topical steroids in warranted for the treatment of a diaper rash, which of the following is the most appropriate therapeutic option?

A. Triamcinolone ointment 0.025%

B. Hydrocortisone cream 0.25%

C. Fluocinolone cream 0.025%

D. Fluocinonide ointment 0.05%

E. Desoximetasone cream 0.25%

The preferred treatment option for an infant with mild diaper dermatitis is:

A. Hydrocortisone cream

B. Nystatin ointment

C. Clotrimazole cream

D. Zinc oxide paste

E. Bacitracin zinc

Which of the following symptoms of diaper rash should be referred to a physician for further diagnosis and treatment?

A. Red rash with a well-defined boundary

B. Rash that is not responsive to 7 days of nonprescription treatment

C. Rash contained within the general diaper region

D. An infant without a fever or evidence of secondary infection.

E. None of these symptoms necessitate referral to a physician

The application of skin protectants for the treatment of diaper rash should occur:

A. Once daily

B. As needed

C. Every 4 hours

D. Every 6 hours

E. With every diaper change

Which of the following is not involved in the development of acne lesions?

A. Increased sebum production

B. Decreased androgen levels

C. Inflammation

D. Hyperkeratinization

E. Bacterial growth

Which of the following nonpharmacological recommendations for acne is most appropriate?

A. Squeeze closed comedos to prevent development of inflammatory lesions

B. Wash face at least three times daily with a nonabrasive cleanser

C. Moisturize skin daily with an oil-free noncomedogenic moisturizer

D. Oil based ...

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