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Chapter 40. Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder

Which of the following statements regarding panic disorder is true?

A. Panic attacks are expected and have an identifiable trigger

B. Panic attacks usually peak in intensity in about 1 hour.

C. Agoraphobia is always present.

D. It is more common in men.

E. Panic symptoms are self-limiting in duration.

Which of the following substances/medications would not be expected to contribute to panic anxiety?

A. Albuterol

B. Olanzapine

C. Cannabis

D. Phenylephrine

E. Caffeine

Pregabalin is a preferred treatment for a patient with GAD and a history of which of the following?

A. Comorbid depression

B. Alcohol dependence

C. Did not tolerate SSRIs

D. Renal impairment

E. Nonadherence

The following treatment would be preferred for a 12-year-old with SAD.

A. Alprazolam

B. Fluoxetine

C. Pregabalin

D. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

E. Individual supportive psychotherapy

Which of the following statements is true regarding quetiapine in the treatment of anxiety disorders?

A. Is effective for treatment of panic disorder

B. Is associated with weight gain, sedation, and fatigue

C. Is effective in doses above 300 mg/day

D. Superior efficacy to SSRIs

E. Similar efficacy to CBT

Which of the following medications is not appropriate initial treatment for a 23-year-old woman with GAD and no other comorbidities?

A. Pregabalin

B. Quetiapine

C. Sertraline

D. Venlafaxine

E. Fluoxetine

Which of the following is true of CBT in the ...

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