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Chapter 35. Headache

Which of the following triptans would be appropriate for prevention of menstrual migraines?

A. Sumatriptan

B. Almotriptan

C. Frovatriptan

D. Elmotriptan

Why should NSAIDs be avoided for headache in the third trimester of pregnancy?

A. Potential for teratogenicity

B. Premature closure of the ductus arteriosus

C. Induction of labor

D. All of the above

Which of the following herbal medications might be effective at decreasing incidence of migraines?

A. Ginkgo biloba

B. Ginseng

C. Butterbur

D. Chromium

Which of the following would be associated with an increased prevalence of migraine headache?

A. Low income

B. Female sex

C. Age > 30

D. All of the above

Which of the following types of headache is least common?

A. Migraine

B. Tension

C. Cluster

D. Medication overuse headache

Which of the following triptans should be recommended for patients who have nausea/vomiting associated with migraine headaches?

A. Zolmitriptan

B. Eletriptan

C. Almotriptan

D. Naratriptan

How many headache days in a 1-month period must occur in order for a patient to be classified as having a chronic tension-type headache (TTH)?

A. 15

B. 4

C. 10

D. 7

The pathogenesis of TTH is related to which of the following presumed mechanisms?

A. Muscle contraction

B. Hypoxemia

C. Hereditary factors


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