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Chapter 30. Multiple Sclerosis

Which of the following medications is preferred for treatment of acute relapses?

A. Interferon β-1a

B. Glatiramer acetate

C. Methylprednisolone

D. Tizanidine

E. Any of the above is acceptable

Which of the following may help decrease the severity of flu-like symptoms from β-interferons?

A. Taking ibuprofen about 30 minutes prior to giving the injection

B. Using the buttocks as an injection site

C. Applying hydrocortisone 1% cream to the injection site about 30 minutes prior to the injection, then wiping it off with an alcohol wipe just prior to performing the injection

D. Rotating the injection sites

E. All of the above

Which of the following medications may be most helpful for MS-associated fatigue?

A. Carisoprodol

B. Tizanidine

C. Amantadine

D. Dicyclomine

E. A and C

Which of the following toxicities is associated with mitoxantrone therapy?

A. Neuropathy

B. Cardiac

C. Renal

D. Pulmonary

E. None of the above

When should treatment to prevent MS relapses begin?

A. As soon as possible after diagnosis

B. After the fourth relapse

C. When the patient experiences functional impairment

D. Any time after age 35 years

E. None of the above

What is the purpose of symptomatic therapies in MS treatment?

A. Speed the recovery of the patient after an acute relapse

B. Decrease the number of relapses

C. Prevent permanent neurologic damage

D. Minimize the impact of MS on quality of life

E. B and D


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