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Chapter 64. Psoriasis

Student Questions

Which of the following is not a comorbidity of psoriasis?

A. Crohn disease

B. Acne

C. Metabolic syndrome

D. Diabetes

Answer: B

Option A: Incorrect. Crohn disease is a documented comorbidity for psoriasis.

Option B: Correct. Acne is the only disease state listed not linked to psoriasis.

Option C: Incorrect. Metabolic syndrome is a documented comorbidity for psoriasis.

Option D: Incorrect. Diabetes is a documented comorbidity for psoriasis.

Which of the following histocompatibility complexes is genetically linked to psoriasis?

A. HLA-Cw* Chromosome 06

B. HLA-Cw* on Chromosome 17

C. HLA-Cw* on Chromosomes X and Y

D. Genes involved in peptide signaling are likely associated with psoriasis.

Answer: A

Option A: Correct. In addition to the CARD14 gene, this complex, located on chromosome 6 is suspected in psoriasis.

Option B: Incorrect. No this complex is not located on chromosome 17.

Option C: Incorrect. No this complex is not located on the chromosomes that determine biological sex.

Option D: Incorrect. The CARD14 gene, when activated by an environmental trigger, can lead to plaque psoriasis.

Which of the following options is considered a nonpharmacological approach to treating psoriasis?

A. Use of tight-fitting clothing to help retain moisture on lesions

B. Medicated moisturizers

C. Aveeno moisturizer containing fragrance

D. Application of SPF 30 sunscreen when outdoors

Answer: D

Option A: Incorrect. Loose-fitting clothing should be worn.

Option B: Incorrect. Moisturizers should be nonmedicated.

Option C: Incorrect. Fragrances should be avoided.

Option D: Correct. Sunburn can worsen psoriasis flares.

A 66-year-old man presents with mild plaque psoriasis affecting his scalp. Which of the following constitutes an initial pharmacologic therapy for him?

A. Clobetasol shampoo

B. Betamethasone ointment

C. Betamethasone cream

D. Hydrocortisone lotion

Answer: A


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