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Chapter 14. Asthma

Which one of the following is a common symptom of chronic asthma?

A. Cyanosis

B. Wheezing

C. Hypoxemia

D. Edema

E. Nasal congestion

Which one of the following comorbid conditions may worsen asthma control?

A. Obesity

B. Hypertension

C. Diabetes

D. Hyperlipidemia

E. Otitis media

Which one of the following situations indicates controlled asthma?

A. Using one canister of albuterol each month

B. Exercising with SABA use before the activity

C. Waking at night only three times a week with a cough

D. Visiting the emergency department one time in the past year for asthma

E. Missing school once a month because of asthma symptoms

An 11-year-old boy with asthma reports using albuterol once or twice in the past month. He is able to play soccer well by using albuterol before games. He denies waking at night, and his last spirometry reading FEV1/FVC was 88% (0.88). What additional asthma treatment is appropriate for this patient?

A. Montelukast

B. Salmeterol

C. Prednisone

D. Ciclesonide

E. No additional medication needed

Which one of the following educational strategies may help an asthma patient with worsening asthma from cats, strong odors, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), cold air, and upper respiratory infections?

A. Have pets groomed monthly

B. Use bleach to clean the bathroom once a week

C. Take medication for GERD as needed for symptoms

D. Wear a scarf to cover the nose and mouth during cold winter months

E. Obtain an influenza vaccine after the age of 65

The optimal delivery method of albuterol for a typical 16-year-old asthma patient is:

A. Nebulization


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